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LUSH 2.0

LUSH 2.0 eliteseries

The Fluid kiteboarding LUSH 2.0 is a full woodcore / half carbon wake and freestyle board built to perfection. The lush 2.0 is built for any rider who loves a Wake / freestyle board. With our special outline we have reduced any spray to a minimum this way you can ride at a much higher speed then with any other wake/freestyle board. Allowing you to push your riding to another level.

Fluid kiteboarding LUSH 2.0 has a continues rocker and 8 channels on the 3D shaped bottom. This provides maximum stability, explosive pop and precise landings. Even when riding very slow or very fast you’ll be in total control.
LUSH 2.0 has been designed for high performance riding, we understand that this demands more from your equipment.  Therefore we have equipped the fluid kiteboarding LUSH with power inserts which will stay in your board even when riding with boots.  

LUSH has an ICP top sheet which is UV proof and scratch resistant with an amazing see trough finish you can see the woodcore and details of craftsmanship clearly. whilest the base of the board is full carbon providing you perfect flex and extreme pop.
The lush 2.0 is designed for those who love wake and freestyle kitesurfing. It's performance while riding unhooked is unmatched. Our teamriders and local kitesurfers have been involved in the R & D to develop a board that everyone can enjoy.

Asymetrical cupped fins.
similar to the Black label we included 3.5CM asymatrical cupped fins with the lush 2.0. By angling the fins the upwind performance and grip is now better than ever before! The asymmetrical shape will give your board incredible performance when riding top speeds.  The more speed, The more grip! You’ll be in total control of the situation whether it’s a landing, pop or just riding on very choppy water. The Fluid kiteboarding asymmetrical fins will give you exactly what you need.
3.5cm which is perfect for riding both boots and straps!  Playful yet very grippy

Adding carbon to a board doesn't only make it super strong it also helps to regulate flex. Carbon fiber will give the board stiffness which results in a more agressive pop, snappy and responsive feel and great durabillity. Our carbon is extremely light and very strong.

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