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ATV v9

Fluid kiteboarding ATV v9 - 2019

The Fluid kiteboarding ATV has been one of the most successful kites we have ever made. A friendly but very fun kite awaits you! For the ATV v9 we’ve updated everything you have asked for!  We’ve increased the responsiveness, turning speed and climb after kiteloops. We’ve also adjusted the Angle of attack for the wave setting so you have even more stable kite when you ride the waves.

As always the ATV is a kite that will give you a ton of confidence to try new things. Whether it’s your first meters on a board or your first huge jumps, the ATV will give you the confidence you need. We have improved the ATV’s overall performance by implementing a new F-tech shape which spreads the load on the canopy even better! The F-tech cross design gives the ATV v9 the best distribution of radial loads on the canopy area. This means your kite is very crash resistant, gust proof and generates more power.
The ATV v9 is the perfect choice for anyone who loves all styles of riding! Just play around with the settings and make it a kite you love! The ATV v9 has adjustable bar pressure / turning speed and Angle of attack settings to make sure it suits everybody.

Adjust the turning speed and bar pressure or adjust the angle of attack.
High Turning speed - low bar pressure.
Medium turning speed – medium bar pressure.
Slow turning speed – High bar pressure.

WAVE– perfect for riding waves and teaching. More consistent power. More float and less lift.

FREERIDE – perfect for everyday use. More lift, More power, less float by the kite itself. (recommended setting)

The ATV can handle any type of conditions! Gusty wind, low wind or stronger wind the ATV v9 will feel solid as a rock providing you with the power and control you need! Go big like Gilion or just enjoy one of the smoothest session ever! This is a kite you can have for the years to come. Its fun, gives you confidence to try new stuff and is made to last.

Fluid kiteboarding - Woodseries 2017

Any Style

Your first meters, your first jumps and your first records! The Fluid kiteboarding is capable of doing it all! The ATV is made to have fun, easy to control and it will give you tons of confidence to try to do the next step. No matter what your level of riding is.

Fluid kiteboarding - Woodseries 2017

Ride with Pride

Push your riding to the next level with the ATV v9. The ATV is a predictable kite that will help you with your riding. Every session you will have fun and you can be proud of the progression you made!
Ride with pride! enjoy every bit of this kite. .

Fluid kiteboarding - Woodseries 2017

NEW, F-TECH 3.0 !

Development never stops at Fluid kiteboarding. Our unique Frame technology has proven itself for years now! The ATV v9 is now stronger than ever! With F-tech 3.0 we have updated the trailing edge of the kite to make it even more stable..

The windrange

FLUID ATV v9 Lowend Highend
ATV v9 6M 20 45+
ATV v9 7M 17 45+
ATV v9 8M 19 38
ATV v9 9M 15 35
ATV v9 10M 13 27
ATV v9 12M 12 23


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My confidence while riding has improved a lot!

F van ginniken- The Netherlands

I have the atv v8 9M and 6m, when compared to my last kites (Gaastra) the atv v8 is much more stable and forgiving. If you push it it will give you a strong pull but even in high winds it keeps being stable. If you want to relax and cruise around it does that without yerking or stalling even in lower wind conditions. Overall very pleased and my confidence while riding has improved a lot

+ Beginner friendly
+ Lowend
+ Fun
+ Extremely stable
+ Comfortable ride


star star star star star

Fluid kiteboarding CSG Bar

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Fluid kiteboarding ATV v9