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Fluid kiteboarding EGO v8 - 2019

The Fluid kiteboarding Ego v8 has been redesigned for 2016. With Lykourgos signing with us we started redesigning the ego. The new Ego is build for extreme riding. unhooked, kiteloops and wakestyle. We are very proud that we have made improvements to the most advanced freestyle and Freeride kite. Due to the changes we can ensure you the EGO is yet again the most advanced freestyle and freeride kite. The EGo v8 has a bridled C kite profile and offers amazing allround performance.

    What's new
  • Bridle 3.0
  • F-TECH 3.0
  • New trailing edge profile.
  • improved materials..

F-tech 3.0makes the EGO faster and stronger than ever. Our amazing Frame technoligy proved itself in 2014 and 2015 with the EGO V5 and EGO v6. we've had 0 kites warranty cases and amazing reviews on our quality only. We've redesigned the width of the F-tech profile to ensure that the EGO is more stable and rises faster after doing kiteloops. The EGO profile on the small sizes has been slightly redesigned to ensure that all sizes have the same feeling. The new F-tech profile give the EGO V8 amazing stability and the big sizes feel a lot like riding the wake cable. Super stable, easy to control and tons and tons of slack on the lines when you pop.

Fluid kiteboarding - EGO v8


Unhooking has never been easier. The amount of slack on the line is amazing! The super steady canopy will hold it's shape perfectly. Giving you full control of your tricks. After kiteloops the kite rises super fast to catch you after the massive boost.

Fluid kiteboarding - EGO v8


Pop to greater heights. with the new EGO V8 single and even double handlepasses have never been easier. The EGO V8 will give you an insane amount of pop and slack on the lines to make sure you can pass that bar easier.

Fluid kiteboarding - EGO v8

NEW, F-TECH 3.0 !

Development never stops at Fluid kiteboarding. Our unique Frame technology has proven itself for years now! The EGO V8 is now stronger than ever! With F-tech 3.0 we have updated the trailing edge of the kite to make it even more stable.

The windrange

FLUID EGO V8 Size Lowend Highend
EGO V8 6M 23 45+
EGO V8 8M 17 37+
EGO V8 10M 13 29
EGO V8 12M 12 23


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Fluid kiteboarding EGO v8